Todd Beane
I am pleased that so many people are tuning into Skye's program. The Summit is a marvelous opportunity to build a positive support system for our children.
~Todd Beane Founder of TOVO Academy Barcelona

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Summit Speakers

SDan Abrahams

Dan Abrahams Global sport psychologist, author

Yael Averbush

Yael Averbuch Professional Player, Techne Futbol owner

Ian Barker

Ian Barker United Soccer Coaches Director of Coaching Education

Todd Beane

Todd Beane TOVO Academy Barcelona founder

Skye Eddy Bruce

Skye Eddy Bruce Soccer Parenting Association founder

John Cone

Dr. John Cone Fit For 90 founder

Joe Cummings

Joe Cummings Manage Your Soccer Club founder

Jay DeMerit

Jay DeMerit Former USMNT, EPL, MLS player, Captains Camps owner

Anthony DiCicco

Anthony DiCicco Soccer Executive


Jordan Evans SportsRecruits Vice President

Julie Foudy

Julie Foudy Soccer Commentator, Former USWNT Captain

Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer Fraser Author, Teaching Bullies

Mike Hoyer

Mike Hoyer AYSO National Executive Director

Gary Kleiban

Gary Kleiban Co-Founder, 3four3

Christian Lavers

Christian Lavers Girls & Boys ECNL President, FC Wisconsin Technical Director

Paul McVeigh

Paul McVeigh Former Premier League player, Mental Performance Coach

Chris Moore

Chris Moore US Youth Soccer CEO

John O’Sullivan

John O’Sullivan Changing the Game Project founder

Kevin Payne

Kevin Payne US Club Soccer CEO

Bryan Schwebke

Bryan Schwebke Doctor of Physical Therapy, Performance Coach

Frank Tschan

Frank Tschan U.S. Soccer Director of Coaching Administration

Amanda Visek

Amanda Visek Sport Scientist, GWU associate professor

Get Lifetime Access to all the Sessions, MP3 Downloads and Limited Time Bonuses


Here's What 2016 Viewers Had to Say:

The Speakers were great and the information was informative and useful.  Worth Every Penny!   
- Leah

Much needed event for the soccer community.  The soccer community needs this type of information and conversation.  Well done Skye!
- Eric

Lots of good information to absorb – thank you so much!
- Rachel

Great topics and guests!  Very informative and appropriate.
- Bob

As a coach, I thought the Soccer Parenting Summit was fantastic!  The speakers were all experts and highly respected in the soccer community.  The interviews were very informative and covered a wide range of topics in youth soccer.  For our game to continue to develop, we need to work together as coaches, administrators, and parents toward a common goal – the development of players on and off the field.  The Summit was a big step forward toward that goal.   

100% useful.

The Summit was an awesome event.  Parents and Coaches should be required to attend the sessions.  There was more helpful and educational content in the Summit than I received neither of the E and F coaching licenses from U.S. Soccer.
- Mark

A huge amount of great material in a short time window.  Every parent and coach should attend the Summit.
- Toby

I got a lot out of it.  It was great.  Thanks!
- Wendy

I found myself moving from room to room, laptop in hand, to show my wife and kids little snippets that were particularly thought provoking or reaffirming.  Thank you for putting in the effort and well done!
- Steve

The Daily Schedule


7:30 PM EST - Skye Eddy Bruce
Live Webinar to Kick Off

8:15 PM EST - Julie Foudy
Choose to Matter: Soccer's Unique Ability to Inspire Lives


9:00 AM EST - John O’Sullivan
Parents and Coaches Collaborating – Club Values

10:00 AM EST - Kevin Payne
Creating a Player’s First Environment in Youth Soccer

11:00 AM EST - Yael Averbush
The Importance of Love of the Game and Developing a Personal Drive to Improve

12:00 PM ESTDr. John Cone
ACL Injury and Return to Play (from Any Injury) Considerations

1:00 PM EST - Anthony DiCicco
What Parents Need to Know About Crumb Rubber, Synthetic Turf and Fields

1:30 PM EST - Anthony DiCicco
The Developmental Impact of the 2018 US Soccer Presidential Election

2:00 PM EST - Jennifer Fraser
Removing Bully Coaches from Our Sidelines

3:00 PM EST - Dan Abrahams
Mental Toughness

4:00 PM EST - Mike Hoyer
The Youth Soccer Referee Crisis

5:00 PM EST - Ian Barker
A Parent’s Guide to Making Sure Your Child’s Soccer Environment Best Serves Your Child

6:00 PM EST - Jordan Evans
So, Your Child Wants to Play Soccer in College?…

7:00 PM EST - Skye Eddy Bruce
Live Check In


9:00 AM EST - Frank Tschan
U.S. Soccer's Coaching Education Platform and Parent Engagement

10:00 AM EST - Paul McVeigh
High Performing Mind

11:00 AM EST - Chris Moore
The Recent Reorganization of US Youth Soccer

12:00 PM EST - Todd Beane
Teaching Soccer: Qualities to Seek in Our Child’s Coach and Environment

1:00 PM EST - Amanda Visek
Why Children Play – How to Keep them Playing

2:00 PM EST - Christian Lavers
Why Parents Must Seek a Holistic Development Environment for their Child

3:00 PM EST - Bryan Schwebke
Developing Essential Functional Movement Skills in the Youth Athlete

4:00 PM EST - Jay DeMerit
The Jay DeMerit Story: The Importance of Having Various Player Pathways to Development

5:00 PM EST - Gary Kleiban
The Promotion-Relegation Debate

6:00 PM EST - Joe Cummings
A Top Level Conversation about the State and Future of the Game, Club Leadership, Pay to Play and More.

7:00 PM EST - Skye Eddy Bruce
Closing – Wrap Up - Live Webinar

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